Banana plugs understanding and technology


Banana plug to hear the name I believe we must be unfamiliar, but it often appear in our daily routine, such as installed in the speaker cable plug into the socket at both ends. Careful observation will find it front-end bulging. Its English name is bananaplay, the advantage is very convenient, can also be formed after insertion, and pulling force moderate, smooth.
The name of this plug comes from its slightly bulging appearance. Plugged into the front of the multipurpose socket mentioned above is preferred for use in high power output equipment to connect speakers and receiver amplifiers. Occasionally, banana plugs grouped into two groups can sometimes be seen, called 'bifocal', but not all of them are available. Banana plugs originated in Germany, the initial form, from a base with a nail and a shrapnel assembly, because of its initial shrapnel is punched into metal four-leaf shape.