CNC lathe processing technology skills.


Reasonable choice of cutting amount

For high-efficiency machining of metal CNC machining on CNC lathes, the materials to be machined, cutting tools, and cutting conditions are three major factors. These determine the processing time, tool life and the quality of machined parts. The economic and effective processing method must be a reasonable choice of cutting conditions.
The three elements of cutting conditions: cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut, these three directly affect the damage of the tool. The selection of the most suitable processing conditions is selected on the basis of these factors. Regular, stable wear and wear life is the ideal condition. However, in actual operation, the choice of the service life of the tool is related to the wear of the tool, the change in the size of the workpiece, the surface quality, the cutting noise, the processing heat, and the like. When determining the processing conditions, it is necessary to conduct research according to actual conditions. For hard-to-machine materials such as stainless steel and heat-resistant alloys, coolants or rigid blades can be used.

Reasonable choice of tool

1. When roughing a vehicle, it is necessary to select a tool with high strength and good durability in order to meet the requirement of a large amount of back-feed and a large feed amount when the roughing vehicle is used.
2. When finishing the car, choose a tool with high precision and good durability to ensure the accuracy of the machining.
3. In order to reduce the time of tool change and to facilitate the tool setting, machine clamps and machine clamps should be used as far as possible.

Reasonable choice of fixture

1, try to use a universal fixture to clamp the workpiece, to avoid the use of special fixtures;
2. The component positioning reference coincides to reduce positioning error.
Processing route

The processing route is the trajectory and direction of the tool relative to the part in the process of index-controlled machine tool machining.
1, should be able to ensure the processing accuracy and surface roughness requirements;
2. The processing route should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the tool idle travel time.

Fixture installation points

At present, the connection between the hydraulic chuck and the hydraulic clamping cylinder is realized by a tie rod. The main points of the hydraulic chuck clamping are as follows: First, remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder with a hand, remove the pull tube, and withdraw from the rear end of the spindle, and then Remove the chuck by removing the chuck fixing screw with your hand.