Performance Analysis of Low Carbon Steel Precision Castings


1. New low-carbon steel precision castings surface anti-carburizing zircon powder coating for alkaline phenolic resin sand production of low-carbon stainless steel castings, with significant surface carburization effect on the casting of the other ingredients have no effect to meet the product Production quality requirements.
2. The use of sodium silicate sand production of low-carbon steel castings, casting surface generally do not occur carburizing phenomenon. The reason why carburizing defect easily occurs on the surface of low carbon steel precision casting when using resin sand process to produce low carbon steel castings is that the pyrolysis products of the carbonaceous pyrolysis products such as resin are thermally decomposed into the castings through the sand core / Surface diffusion and infiltration caused.
3. The surface of the new low carbon steel precision castings anti-carburizing zircon powder coating permeability, anti-flow and crack resistance are good, high-strength coating, a small amount of gas, the casting most of the coating Peeling into pieces, casting surface smooth, basically no sticky sand and pores, significantly improve the efficiency of casting cleaning, saving energy and reduce labor intensity.