Preparation and precautions before use of automatic lathes.


Before the use of automatic lathes and precautions:
1. Carefully check whether the protection, insurance, mechanical transmission part, electrical part protection device, chuck of the automatic lathe are safe and reliable, and whether the electrical switch and handle are in the normal position.
2. According to the lubrication chart of the machine tool, idle test run for 1-2 minutes, check the oil window and other parts.
3. Work clamps, tools and workpieces must be securely clamped, and long sleeves can be used for clamping. Selling instrument network is forbidden to hit with hammers. The claws of the sliding wire are not allowed to be used. The distance between the chuck, the workpiece and the knife should be taken into account when converting the square knife holder. Headings, knives, bed surfaces, and slide surfaces are forbidden to work, gages, or other items.
4. For machining slender workpieces, there must be a thimble and a knife holder, and the protruding part in front of the front should not exceed 20 times the diameter of the workpiece. There must be a bracket when the front head reaches out 300mm, and a protective railing is necessary for the fashion.
5. Stop the machine when adjusting the speed of the machine, setting up the workpiece, tools, and wiping the machine. It is forbidden to leap across parts of the machine to transfer items such as picking tools.
6. When loading and unloading chucks and large work tools and fixtures, the bed surface should be padded with wood. When the two work, they must cooperate closely.
7. When the automatic lathe uses a trowel to light the workpiece, the body should leave the chuck. It is forbidden to grind the workpiece with an abrasive cloth. The hole in the car is not allowed to be chamfered with a guillotine. When the inner hole of the sanding cloth is not allowed, the finger and arm are not allowed to penetrate into the hole.
8. When the eccentric workpiece is machined, balance iron must be added, and it must be firm and firm, and the brakes should not be excessive.
9. When the automatic lathe cuts large materials, there should be enough margin to prevent the material from falling off when cutting. When the material is cut off, it is not allowed to use it.
10. After starting the machine, it is necessary to stand in a safe position to avoid the movement of the machine tool and the splash of iron chips. The iron scraps should not be removed by hand. Special tools should be used.
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