What are the basic precautions for turning on/off the automatic lathe?


1. Add the appropriate grease according to the automatic lathe lubrication chart.
2. Check the electric facilities of each department. The handle, transmission parts, protection and limit devices are complete, reliable, and flexible.
3. The gears should be at zero position, and the belts should be tight.
4. Auto Lathe are not allowed to store metal objects directly on the bed surface to avoid damage to the bed surface.
5. Ordinary automatic lathe operating procedures: on a good workpiece, start the lubricant pump, so that the hydraulic pressure to the provisions of the machine, before starting.
6. When adjusting the exchange gear rack and adjusting the hanging wheel, the power must be cut off. After adjustment, all the bolts must be tightened, the wrench should be removed in time, and the workpiece should be taken off for trial operation.
7. Immediately after loading and unloading the workpiece, remove the chuck wrench and the floating part of the workpiece.
8. The tail frame, crank, etc. of the machine tool are adjusted to the proper position according to the machining requirements, and tightened or clamped.
9. Workpieces, tools, and fixtures must be firmly attached. The floating tool must extend the knife part into the workpiece before starting the machine.