What are the classification of CNC machining centers?


The CNC center is a large-scale mechanical equipment used to process large-scale and heavy-duty workpiece machining centers with large radial dimensions and relatively small axial dimensions. The large-size and heavy-duty workpiece machining centers are mainly used for machining large-diameter and heavy-duty workpieces with large diameter and short length, and are not easily processed in machining centers. In the case of workpieces with upper clamps, if the rotary diameter satisfies the conditions, the workpieces that are too heavy are not easy to be clamped in the sleeping car. Due to its own weight, it affects the machining accuracy. The numerical control processing can solve the above problems.
Such as all kinds of discs, rounds and sets of cylindrical workpiece surface, end surface, conical surface, cylindrical hole, cone hole and so on. Threads, spherical surfaces, profiling, milling and grinding can also be performed with the aid of additional equipment. The CNC center can maintain its working accuracy for a longer period of time.
Machining center has features such as boring, drilling, milling, grooving, etc.; coupled with high-precision rotary table, right-angle milling head and other functional accessories, can achieve five-sided processing, metallurgy, energy, electricity and other industries for steam turbines, power generation Machine and heavy machinery parts ideal equipment processing. Mainly applicable: 1, the shape of complex machining accuracy, general CNC machine tools can not be processed or difficult to guarantee the quality of the parts; 2, drill center in the processing process, must be multi-process processing , Such as milling, boring, boring and tapping, etc., must be completed in one setup. Third, it is difficult to measure, difficult to control feed, difficult to control the size of the cavity or shell box parts.