What constitutes the most important part of an automatic lathe?


1. Feed box for automatic lathe: It is also called the feed box, which is equipped with gears for feed motion. It can adjust feed and pitch, and transmit the motion to the polished rod or screw. The
2. Polished rod, screw: The motion of the feed box is transmitted to the carriage box. The polished rods are used for automatic feeding of general turning and cannot be used for turning threads. Screws for turning threads. The
3. Roller box: also known as pallet box, associated with the knife holder, is the control box of the lathe feed movement. It can turn the rotary motion transmitted by the light rod into the vertical or horizontal linear feed motion of the turning tool; the rotary motion transmitted from the screw rod can be directly changed into the longitudinal movement of the turning tool through the “split nut”. Turning thread. The
4. Knife holder: The automatic lathe is used to hold the turning tool and make it move vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
5. Tailstock: installed on the bed rails. Install the top in the tailstock sleeve to support the workpiece; also can install drills, reamers and other tools, in the workpiece on the hole processing; offset tailstock can also be used to turn the cone.
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