What is the machining of mechanical parts?


. What is the machining of mechanical parts? Mechanical part machining refers to a process of changing the inner dimensions or performance of a part through a certain mechanical device. In the process of mechanical parts should pay attention to those matters? The following is full metal and everyone to learn about.
A. Strictly abide by the rules and regulations for the safe operation of machinery and equipment, and wear the required labor insurance products in accordance with the system.
B. Check whether the equipment is normal and the safety protection is complete. Lubricating oil is added to each lubrication hole, and the equipment is inspected for empty operation.
C. Familiar with all the requirements for each dimension and related process of drawing mechanical parts processing, fully understand the geometric shape and size requirements of mechanical parts processing.
D. According to the specifications of the materials required by the drawing mechanical parts processing technology, the materials shall be obtained, and whether the materials meet the requirements of the mechanical parts processing technology.
E. Select the machining tool that is suitable for machining this part material.
F. For the part processing requirements, prepare the necessary measuring tools.
G. Prepare appropriate chucks or auxiliary tools to install and correct the machined parts. The clamping method is safe and reliable.
H. Normal processing according to the drawing process requirements.
I. The process size should be self-checked for each process to ensure that it meets the process requirements.
J. After the parts have been processed, they can pass the self-check and inspection personnel to pass the special inspection before entering the next process.
K. Immediately after the operation is completed, the oily chips and working site on the equipment shall be cleaned. The parts shall be placed neatly, the identification card shall be clear and easy to understand, and shall be placed in the prescribed area.
L. Turn off the power and maintain the equipment.